Is a caption really needed? Per reader request(s) (and miguel-flores for the initial idea), here is a before and after, to for our 2,400/2,600 marks. While waiting to take these photos, we’ve already passed 2,800, so another photo is coming up soon.

I can’t believe we’re already almost at the 3k mark. Husband has been taking far more videos lately.

I’m very nervous about posting these photos. I’m worried someone will notice me in real life. I’ve already gotten a few sideways glances time and again from people around me… It makes me wonder. It makes me wonder if my cover is blown already and I don’t even know it.

Boyfriend helps me break down my barriers and swallow my pride in order to better serve my superiors.

Husband gives me the strength to persevere. He helps me to not give (too much of) a damn about the people who don’t contribute to my happiness.

Doing this makes me happy, fulfilled, content.

It’s both shameful and liberating, disgusting and beautiful. They help me to be who I was born to be; this deviant, sexual being.

A dumb, big-titted slut.

What can I say… I envy her more and more! Should I ever marry I need to find myself a husband who defiles me like her, makes me a cum soaked meat bag and sends me out shopping zucchinis advertising me like this… unf… I am getting so fucking wet looking at her… time to get my golden balls out of my purse, hit the restroom to put them in before returning back to my desk pretending to be useful by silently messaging my pimp how I need him to fuck me up tonight… unf…

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